250 EXC TPI 2018

KTM 250EXC TPI 2018


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When the smoke clears, you’ll be the last rider standing. The KTM 250 EXC TPI is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world of Enduro, pummeling its more complex 4-stroke rivals. All muscle, no fat: this groundbreaking, fuel-injected 2-stroke machine is as lean as it is powerful.

KTM’s 250cc engine is known to be the most powerful and most competitive 2-stroke engine in the world. And now things get even better. The 2018 KTM 250 XC-W TPI boasts a newly developed and patented TPI (transfer port injection) fuel injection system - a truly unique feature when it comes to 2-stroke race bikes. The patented EFI system with two injectors into the transfer ports of the cylinder makes the engine much smoother to ride and reduces the fuel consumption drastically, a global game changer in terms of technology. Gone is the hassle of jetting, premixing gas and difficult starting. It was time to give a new push to 2-stroke technology and prove 2-strokes have a bright future. The KTM 250 XC-W TPI is leading the charge as the most advanced READY TO RACE 2-stroke.

2018 250 EXC TPI Highlights

  • NEW 249cc 2-Stroke engine fitted with a patented TPI fuel injection system for perfect fueling at any altitude, no premixing and reduced fuel consumption while still living up to the standard of a KTM 2-stroke.
  • NEW Cylinder with two injectors placed in the rear transfer ports for excellent downstream atomization of fuel.
  • NEW EMS featuring a new ECU controlling ignition timing and fuel based on information from 5 sensors reading intake and ambient air pressure, throttle position, oil and water temperature for optimized engine response.
  • NEW 39mm throttle body by Dell’Orto features a butterfly valve controlled by a twin cable throttle.
  • NEW electronic oil pump feeds oil from the 700cc oil tank to intake to ensure a perfect fuel-oil mix under any condition while reducing smoking by 50% for up to 5 tanks of fuel.
  • UPDATED WP Xplor 48 upside-down split front fork with new outer tubes for more sensitivity, less stiction and reduced weight. Revised settings are stiffer as well.
  • UPDATED WP Xplor PDS rear suspension features stiffer settings while still offering the progressive feel and excellent bottoming resistance only PDS can provide.
  • NEW radiator guards provide better airflow in muddy conditions.
  • Engine cases feature a compact shaft arrangement for better mass centralization.
  • Revolutionary lateral counter balancer reduces engine vibrations for less rider fatigue at the end of the moto.
  • 6-speed wide ratio transmission is perfectly suited for off-road duty


  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder, 2-Stroke
  • Displacement: 249 cc
  • Bore/Stroke: 64.4 / 72 mm
  • Starter: Electric, Lithium Ion 12 V 2 Ah / Kickstarter
  • Transmission: 6 Gears, wide ratio
  • Fuel System: TPI, Dell’Orto 39mm Throttle Body
  • Primary Ratio: 26:73
  • Final Drive: 13:50
  • Front Suspension: WP Xplor USD Ø 48mm
  • Rear Suspension: WP Xplor PDS Monoshock
  • Suspension Travel Front/Rear: 300 mm / 11.8 in; 310 mm / 12.2 in
  • Front/Rear Brakes: Disc Brake 260 mm; 220 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 370mm / 14.6 in
  • Seat Height: 960 mm / 37.8 in
  • Tank Capacity, Approx: 9 l / 2.4 gal
  • Weight (without fuel), Approx: 103 kg / 227. lbs
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