690 DUKE R

KTM 690 DUKE R 2017



The standard 690 Duke is a firecracker of a bike, light as a feather and lightning quick. But we wouldn’t be true to ourselves if we didn’t try to push things just a little bit further. So we did, creating the ultimate single-cylinder street bike on the face of the planet. Really, it’s that spectacul’R.


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MSR avoids rear wheel lock-up when you chop the throttle or drop the clutch on downshifts. Feeling lucky? Just turn it off entirely, so you can get your slide on like a boss.


In a free-revving firecracker like this, you want to smooth things out a bit. That’s why the LC4 serves a bonus balancer shaft, nipping annoying vibrations in the bud.


The disengageable, dual-circuit Bosch ABS system with 9M+ modulator offers total protection against over-braking, while maintaining the full effect and perfect feedback of a genuine sports brake. This ABS system, weighing no more than one kilogram, therefore allows extremely sporty braking. On top of that, the current 690 R offers the ultimate safety feature, unseen in this market segment: Cornering ABS. As standard. Taking your lean angle into account, the system will even prevent loop-outs while being fully leant over. So you can get extra cocky entering corners, without losing your cool.


A multicolor combination of relevant information, presented in a clear-cut, uncluttered way. This shot of data of course includes speed, revs and the current gear, but you’ll also find coolant temperature, fuel status, time, date and ambient temperature on there. As you rev the engine, the display bars also change color, either spurring you on or telling you to back off when the engine’s still cold. The display even automatically adapts its illumination to the ambient light. Furthermore, you can access an overview of the selected riding options and adjust them on the go via four illuminated keys on the left handlebar. Knowledge is power, right?


Three ride modes (‘Sport’, ‘Street’ and ‘Rain’) cater to your every wish. And they don’t only moderate the power delivery, but can also tell the traction control system how funky the rear wheel can get, depending on the situation.


Expert riders will love the added fun-factor (and extra racetrack safety) of this optional mode, activated at the push of a button. When engaged, the system will only control the front brake. Rear brake pressure is entirely up to the rider’s right foot. And its party mood.


The best from over 20 variants tried. The KTM test riders had fun selecting the hardware, although they had to spend a lot of time braking at the limits. Brembo rewarded this hard work with a tailor-made, radial hand pump that activates the high-end M50 caliper (machined from a block of high-strength aluminum for perfect stiffness). In cooperation with a fat 320 mm disc, this combo guarantees on-the-spot braking.


A tailor-made Akrapovič slip-on silencer wraps two additional horsepower and a thrilling exhaust note in an ultra light titanium shell. A bombshell, that is. And who would have thought it’s even Euro IV homologated?


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