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Mr Motorcycles NZ

MR Motorcycles Ltd was originally set up as Mike Ramsey Kawasaki in 1990 by Mike and Kay Ramsey. They started off with one employee at 5 Stadium Drive Pukekohe with the Kawasaki Franchise. The business took off quickly and by 1991 they were the # 1 Kawasaki Dealer for New Zealand. Mike and Kay continued to grow the business primarily though the off road and ATV sales.

From the very start Mike Ramsey Kawasaki were involved in off road and motocross racing. Mike and Kay also started the Mike Ramsey Trail Ride Series in 1991. This is a fund raising series of trail rides through local farm land raising money for local communities in the Franklin and North Waikato regions. This series continues on today having raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local small schools and community projects over the past 21 years.

In 1999 Mike and Kay changed the name of the business to MR Motorcycles Ltd and started to sell Suzuki Motorcycles and ATV's, although still primarily focused on off road and ATV products. Mike also started a mail order business through advertising in Kiwi Rider Magazine.

In 2002 Mike and Kay sold the business to Craig Brown and Scott Wilkins. Mike stayed on as a partner for one year finally leaving the business in April 2003. When Mike left the business he had been # 1 Kawasaki Dealer for 11 of the 13 years he has been in the business.

This has carried on as Craig and Scott have been #1 Kawasaki Dealer for 9 of the 10 years they have been in business. They have also continued to grow their Suzuki sales. In 2007 they were # 3 dealer for ATV sales and are in the top 10 dealers for NZ

In 2003 MR Motorcycles Ltd launched http://www.mrmotorcycles.co.nz/ providing an online store. With the mail order business MR Motorcycles has become the leading supplier of Motocross gear and accessories to New Zealand.

In 2008 Craig and Scott took over the retail building next door at 3 Stadium Drive, converting the building into one big retail space. This doubled the retail premises and allowed the extension into road bikes as well.

In 2012 Craig bought Scott out after a successful 10 years in business together. Craig aims to keep providing great customer service, great products and great prices which have lead Mr Motorcycles Ltd to be one of NZ's largest motorcycle retail stores.

The business is still actively running with the MR Motorcycles Trail Ride Series, which draws in over 3000 riders to the 5 events, MR Motorcycles Fun Day MX and also the Major Sponsor of the Pukekohe Motorcycles Club, with the famous Harrisville Track being named MR Motorcycles Raceway

We strive to provide a great product and great prices.