2021 Kawasaki KX85 BW


At both the amateur and professional levels, Kawasaki has long been the dominant brand in mini-motocrossing, with many of today’s top professional riders getting their start on KX minicrossers.


Created to dominate and build for winners, the KX65 and KX85 are competition ready machines designed to encourage the green shoots of youth talent allowing it to blossom into full-blown race wins and champion success. With a high performing engine and race ready suspension, adjustable handlebar positioning and slim bodywork, the KX85 is the bike to beat. The KX85 Big Wheel feature 19” front and 16” rear wheels.

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Kawasaki KX85 BW KX85 BW 21 2021 KX85 Big Wheel KX85 BW 21 Available $7,295.00 + Add to Cart